Tribute page: Elon Musk with some cyber spice - Looking for feedback

Hello Ladies and Gentlemans and Apache helicopters,

I have decided to take up the chalange for the tribute page. I am looking for feedback, however there are several things that you should keep in mind, while passing the judgement call.

  • My main goal was to pass the tests
  • Generally do it as the template suggested from freedcodecamp, but I really did not like the list part so I have changed it completely, to my liking
  • I know that you should put the <head> code into the Stuff for head settings part of the, but god knows I have tried to make it to work and after several tries, my will to live started to rapidly drop, how derpy the started to behave :upside_down_face: . Same goes for the external links for js.
  • All the resources that I have used are in the resources tab - (thank you people of Wikipedia :kissing_heart:)
  • The page should be mobile friendly

Take care,


I have just started with the program, so I am not qualified to give any technical feedback, but I must say that your page looks AMAZING! Fantastic design skills :slight_smile:


i have recently done this project, and i must say that you have done a great job, looks amazing :+1:


Thank you for your kind words! :kissing_heart:

Thank you, do you have a link to your project?

here is a link to mine


Wonderful work here GrumpyMonk!

@Narcis-Samec im loving the tribute and time it took to really get the details right fantastic effort, some of your images are broken, something you can also try besides the footer + copyright is trying image captions to put in the source beneath the photos

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Could yout tell me which images are broken? I am looking at the page and I cant seem to find any broken links or unloaded images.

Same thing today too…

Can’t get over how awesome this looks!

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Thank you for your optimism!

HOLY CRAP! :scream: I did not expected that, I have no idea how that is happening?! The pictures that you see, are hosted at google disk. I have looked at the website from my pc, from my work pc, from my friends pc, from my cellphone and other people dont have the same issue… I am truly at loss here, why you cant see thoose pictures :anguished:

are you using super high res images or something and they never loaded? lol

No… not at all! What bothers me the most, is that all my test cases where I have check resulted in no oddities, let alone bug so massive as unloaded images + The only test case for this is actually… you. Could you do me a favor a test if one of these links works for you?

These are the links that directly connect the first picture, do any one of them works for you?

Yep, also similarly from the codepen project I can open the link in a new tab too

I have literally 0 ideas why is this happening… :thinking:

Very well done. Great work!

Thank you for your kind words.

I can’t give you any technical feedback, i’ve just started on web design. But this look amazing! looks like a web page of a futuristic or space game (Star Citizen maybe).

Nice job, you have talent!

Same with me a get the no picture issue and if I click the drive links they work.

Just and idea does google drive look for copyright issues with pictures are linked?

Maybe google is blocking the pictures because it thinks that is is copyrighted.

Nice page very cool.