Tribute page: Elon Musk with some cyber spice - Looking for feedback

Thats actually funny, becouse Star Citizen it was my inspiration. Anyway thank you for feedback and I am glad that you liked it. :kissing_heart:

Just and idea does google drive look for copyright issues with pictures are linked?

I had the same idea as you at first, but why some can see the pictures some dont. I would say if that was a copyright issue nobody would see the pictures, no?

I actually think it its something wrongly set up with the code pen, I think that ill post the page online somewhere where people can look on when the code pen one is broken. Will get back to you on that.

Nice page very cool.

I truly enjoyed this project @Narcis-Samec! High quality stuff :grinning:
I’d like to highlight, as a reference to myself:

  • the clip-path: polygon(...)
  • the very smart use of the grid-layout (I am just a beginner on it), in particular the concept of .grid-container-separator
  • the .separator in itself, with the background: linear-gradient(...), it’s very cool!

I feel I can learn something from this project, thanks for sharing! :smile:

(Oh, and thanks for the nice music)

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Well thank you very much for your kind words. Since you are quite specific about list of references I would imagine that you have spent some time going through my code, let me show you some tools that you can use:

  • To be absolutely honest, I much prefer grid systems over the flexbox system. I know that you can achieve almost the same result, but my brain simply works much faster with the grid system. The freecodecamp have quite robust tutorial on grid system if you are interested.
  • You have no idea how much this speaks to me…, thank you :grinning:

I have 0 ideas what are you talking about :grinning:

Take care and know that you have made my day! :kissing_heart:

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Can’t thank you enough for sharing these nifty tools, I foresee I’ll be giving them some good use! :star_struck:

About the grid system, it seems that it’s a very powerful tool that, in some ways, is simpler than flexbox when setting more complex layouts. But they often coexist right?
I went through the FCC tutorial myself but seeing gorgeous examples is great to keep improving :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah! The phrasing really sounded quite odd, you probably wanted to write But you actually wrote :grinning: Some nice pieces there anyway!

Let me tell you that you just made my day, too! Thank you! :smile:

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OMG :scream: thanks for that! I have missed it - I have fixed the links… :innocent:

You are absolutely right! They do co-exist and it is important to understand how both works, however there is a huge BUT. You see once you start developing something little more advanced, like something with framework like React.js or Vue.js etc… You will use some sort of visual library. Examples are: Veutify for Vue.js or for React.js I would use something like Arwes - (I think you would like that since its super cyber sci fi goodness). That means the heavy lifting for positioning of elements will be done by framework/library. By all means its still possible to do it by hand even with all that framework/library stuff, however once its start to be big, I would strongly advise not to do it by hand. Trust me, I have tried both methods and with the frameworks/libraries it is going to be a lot faster to develop.

Just a little hint for you: Do not use any frameworks/libraries/preprocessor etc. if you are not confident with basic HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT - you will get lost fast if you dont know the basics.

If you lack training go to - the freecodecamp is good for theory lessons the codewars is good for practising.

Take care

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This is really good. You should add reference images about John Barrowman to Elon Musk.