Tribute Page - Epictetus


Have finished my first project, it’s a tribute page to a stoic philosopher - Epictetus. The whole thing is a bit minimalist, I hope it is OK.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, I tried to use grid to position elements and media query to change the layout for a small screens.


Thank you :pray: It makes sense indeed, fixed :white_check_mark:

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Good work, Your project is looking fine. You also may add some padding at the bottom , if you want you may add it to your footer css - try padding-bottom:2rem

Thank you.

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Great idea :+1: Done :white_check_mark:

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Looks great! It’s responsive, very readable and looks super clean.

I think I’m guilty of forgetting that oftentimes “less is more” and this page nails it.

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Thank you :bowing_man: