Tribute Page - External links don't work

I don’t know why my external links don’t work. I checked for syntax errors. My buddy found a few things but the links are valid right?

also have the problem of this code:

#mocha div missing, add it to your document

… It means I can’t even run the test.

Here’s a link to my project if it helps.

the tests work fine for me
you have a lot of stuff to fix before passing them all, but they work

what browser are you using?

for your external links, this is the user story:

  1. I should see an <a> element with a corresponding id=“tribute-link”, which links to an outside site that contains additional information about the subject of the tribute page. HINT: You must give your element an attribute of target and set it to “_blank” in order for your link to open in a new tab (i.e. target="_blank").

below that in the test details window there is an explanation of what’s failing:

The target attribute should be set to "_blank", in order for the link to open in a new tab : expected 'blank' to equal '_blank'

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I’m using Chrome.
I can’t see a link to click it.
also I don’t get a test. I guess that’s the problem maybe?

Here’s a link to what I"m seeing:

Hi, you don’t see the link because you didn’t put closing dom element and text-holder. just add
same as I did and it will work

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OK. Thanks so much on that part! Now if i can get the test to run…

So I’ve partially solved my problem. I can run the test in Opera, but not chrome, however the test when I first started said to only do the test in Chrome… hmmmm…

Anyways I’ll try completing the test in Opera so I can finish this thing.

Hi again. Either you are in a rush or you don’t understand how simple things work with DOM elements. You can refere to the official documentation on

You have simple mistakes like id=‘image caption’ instead of id=‘img-caption’.
I told you to fix a with enclosing tag and a word ‘link’ as an example.

You put <div … <a… > - dude you should see that the whole piece of the code is brown, it means it’s like a comment for the machine.
<div><a>link</a></div> - this is correct structure

You also can read what tests you didn’t pass and why:

I fixed most errors, so you have 8 out of 10 tests passing. Fix last 2 errors by yourself and don’t rush. Rushing leads to more errors.

Your code:

<script src=""></script>

<div id="main"> 
  <h1 id ="title"> Brian B. </h1>
  <h2> Humble servant of the upper class </h2>
<div id="img-div">
<img id="image" src="" alt="Humbly Serving.">
  <p id="img-caption"> <!-- ID='IMG-CAPTION' not id='image caption'--> A fully functional servant for whatever your oligarchal needs require. 
    Also accepting applications for emotionally abusive significant other.</p>
  <div id="tribute-info"> <!-- id should be in div-->
  <p > <ul>
  <li>Window Cleaning</li>
  <li>House Keeping</li>
  <li>Emotional Pincushion</li>
  <li>Flesh Pillow</li>
<a id="tribute-link" target="_blank" href="">Personal Autobiography>link</a>


Thanks for your help. I found a few things overnight. I’d like to reiterate that the test wouldn’t run in Chrome, when I run the test in Opera it works fine. That created a lot of my confusion.

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