Tribute page FCC Feedback request

Hi all, just finished the FCC tribute page, I’m very new to coding and would greatly appreciate some feedback on what I could have done better or differently.

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Looks good, well done.
A minor improvement could be made to the main title as it starts to move off screen at mobile phone sizes. A media query reducing font size a little at widths below 500px would fix that nicely.
A few small points with the code which I wouldn’t bother to change now but would try to remember for future reference is that head tags are not used at codepen, outside of codepen they are used for meta tags and other things which don’t appear on screen and sometimes they hold the style tags where CSS is written . Header tags on the other hand are appropriate for titles. You may have got the 2 mixed up.
Body tags are also not needed on codepen as it’s already done for you invisibly, all HTML should actually go within the body.
So for future projects your title would ideally go within header tags which themselves would be within the body. I hope that makes sense.


Awesome, thanks for the feedback. It all makes perfect sense.

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