Tribute Page Feedback 11.27

Hello everyone, this is my first real dive into web development. I wanted to create something simple and think I may have channeled Myspace and Wikipedia layouts when creating this page!

Any feedback is welcome and especially for the following:

  1. The right column bumps against the edge of the body. How can I move it slightly to the left to give it some space?
  2. For the discography, I wanted to add a table but when I did, it bumped the right column on top of where the table would be in the left column. Can I create a table in the left column?

My Tribute Page

Thanks in advance!

  1. Make right-side a child of col-xs-4 and then add margin-right of your choice to it. You should not stylize bootstrap classes, otherwise layout issues might occur easily.
  2. I just tried adding a simple table, it works as expected.

Thank you. I was able to make it a child element and it worked perfectly.

How did you get the link on your post to not open up a window on your post? For some reason, mine is opening up when I post.

I don’t think I did anything particular actually. I inserted the link using the link button in the post.

EDIT: When I try to resize the page down to mobile size, the right container does not stack vertically. Is there something in my code I can fix to make it stack properly?

You are using xs classes which defined layout for extra small devices, which means no matter how small the screen is columns would keep same layout. On the other hand if you use, for example, md for columns, your columns will arrange vertically when screen size is smaller than medium.

More information:

Thank you, that worked.