Tribute Page: Feedback and constructive criticism welcome

Admittedly, my tribute page is rather bare. This is my first attempt at creating a web page,so any suggestions to improve it would be welcome. Thanks!

Mmmmmmm… now I’ll be craving mochi, which is bad because I can’t get any. So, the main thing you did wrong was make me crave a thing I can’t have :broken_heart:

Your tribute looks great, though. As a warning for future projects, colored text tends to be hard on the eyes. I encourage folks to go to a site like, select shades on the left, and bring the dot in towards the center of the circle. Grey text with the slightest hint of color can make text blend harmoniously with the other colors on your site while also looking more modern. Another tip: you don’t need <style> tags in your stylesheet, just CSS! It doesn’t hurt anyone or anything, though (not like unrelenting mochi cravings :’( ). Otherwise, you did really well.

Oh! On line 14 you’re missing a closing tag, </li>