Tribute Page Feedback Anyone?

Hey all,

I finished my tribute page to Winston Churchill. I’d appreciate any feedback:

Thanks a lot.


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Hi Robert,


  • I like the bold statement about his historical importance as a subtitle to just grab the visitor’s attention.
  • I like the high resolution images and keeping the count to just a couple/few.
  • I like the understated blue tones that seem to fit my image of the man


  • For the second image, watch out for the right-justified text overlapping right on top of the pic (really intrusive when CodePen opened in a separate tab) or unaligned photos on the right margin.
  • From a content / conversion perspective, while the bullets certainly establish achievement, I’m not sure the user comes away feeling like you’ve proven the assertion of “all time”.
  • Not sure that a blue-on-blue color scheme offers the most attractive contrast

This is my first critique on FCC so I’m not sure that the above really offers much or adheres to Community Guidelines for reviews but anyways, congratulations on completing the project.


Thanks, Craig, much appreciated.

Its nice and responsive. But the images are not responsive. You need to add another CSS Rule.

img {
  width: 100%;

Thanks, Naeem, I took your advice. It looks better.

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