Tribute Page Feedback Army style 🤞

Here’s my take on Tribute page project. If you have some time, please review my project and tell me places for improvement.

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link -

Link to PEN

Link to FULL

Looks good, the colors are great, the page is responsive and i like the animation when you hover over a card.

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just to show you how subjective an issue this is, I myself do not like the hover animations. I feel it is distracting when reading. Perhaps limiting hover effects to links and read more button?
So it is a 50 / 50 thing. Otherwise, I like the page good job.

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Thanks for your feed back, i will change that card animation with a slide in animation (triggered when page loads)

Thanks again Cheers :beers:

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You are always there to review other peoples work, thanks a lot :heart: You are really awesome :clap::fist::+1::+1::sunglasses:.

But I might change that animation soon. :pensive:

I like the way you broke up the sections with color. Also, the box shadow on the Title Div is nice. Your extra effort on making the link for more information a button adds more professionalism to the page.

Nice work.

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