Tribute Page Feedback by Tray Banks

Hey Fellow coders, I have completed the tribute page and I wanted some feedback on how to improve it for a portfolio in the future. I was thinking about putting a box around the entire page and making it look 3d contrasting to the flat background and making either a drop down list for each additional sections that I could add but I didn’t want to get too ambitious. Much thanks in advance and live long and code well…

The content is hard to read. Consider changing it to a sans-serif font, or increasing the font size. Also get rid of the brackets with numbers.

Separate the CSS from the HTML so it’s less cluttered.

I appreciate your feedback. What do you mean by getting rid of the brackets with numbers? I definitely like the font, so I will work on the readability of the page and will increase the font size. is there any other way i could make the font work or should i switch it completely?

plus Im still learning the difference between css and html so do you have any advice on distinguishing their difference or should I take a refresher course?

I meant this

… the protagonist of Jiraiya’s first book, which made the Sannin his godfather.[14] The Third Hokage …

I admit, I don’t have a good eye for fonts. If you like it then stick with it. It’s your page after all :slight_smile:

HTML is pointy. CSS is curly. :wink:

HTML is used to structure the content of your web page. CSS is used to style (or change the appearance) of the HTML elements that appear in the browser. The difference between HTML code and CSS code shouldn’t be hard to distinguish.

You can revisit the HTML/CSS section of FCC or this site for a refresher.

I ok, I see what you mean about the numbers. I put them to one make sure people knew I got it from somewhere and two to break up the paragraphs.
I have added a jumbo-tron to my css to distinguish the background color from the text, is it more readable?
Thats is actually a good analogy, thanks for the site as well the only problem is that I feel like im taking a back step relearning the basics… hopefully they will begin to still so I can continue to progress.

Yeah it’s more readable now :thumbsup: