Tribute Page Feedback - Cairne Bloodhoof

Hello all,

This is my first time posting. I’ve been self-teaching myself coding since about 2004 but wanted to really focus on building my skills over the next year. This is my first project. I took my time on it, and would love some feedback before I submit it.

Thanks so much.

Tribute Page - Cairne Bloodhoof

Wow nice, WoW tribute page :smile:

Feedback it is great but… Are you sure to use css-grid? or now the freecodecamp curriculum say it should use css-grid? just my 2 cents css-grid arent widely supported on older browser sometimes mobile browser not supported that too, android webview for example. But there is already article on this why you should use it now, I think it is biased. Because not all user are power user like us who likes updating things so much.

Thats it, I’m not front-end dev, but I was back then. I think you should use media-queries since it more reliable to some user that aren’t update their browser.

And I have some nice guide on layout here

Good question on the css-grid. The biggest reason I used the grid was that it was something I had not used before. Looking over the support tables it seems only the oldest technology is currently not supporting them. Now truthfully, if I was building a site for a client, I would probably adjust based on what their specifications were, i.e. who are their users, what technology might they have.