Tribute page Feedback - Canserbero

Hello everyone, i’m restarting my path at free code camp after a year without programming. Here is my tribute page. I’m not a front-end kind, so the design is not my thing. Even so, i tried my best :slight_smile: what do you think about it?
P.D1: I’m not a English speaker. So, if you find any error, please correct me!
P.D2: I know it’s not responsive. I still working on the final version but it took me a lot of time translate the quotes…

I would really appreciate any suggestion especially those about the design, colors and that kind of things.


You went very original with the layout, congrats!

But it is a responsive web design project, so aim for a responsive page!
Creating a @media to reduce font-size at the left quote banner would be a good improvement. Using a min-width of 25~30% is also a nice idea.

A @media to change flex from row to column is possibly the best.

I just finished my page as well, I wouldn’t mind some feedback from you too :wink:

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I know! i know! i have to work on the responsive haha!
And now, thanks to you, i’m thinking how to add animations on it too!

Nice layout. I like the sticky changing quotes panel.

Ok I finished it. I’m happy with the result :slight_smile: thanks for all

You can see websites of others musical groups to improve your creative process, and search more about colors and typography for web.

The website works very good about responsive quality.

I’ll never get better at design xD it’s just not my thing haha