Tribute Page Feedback & Citing Questions

Hi, I was hoping for some feedback for my first project, the Tribute Page. It’s linked here: Am I nesting the coding correctly? Are there any adjustments I need to make in the visual design or in coding?

I was also wanting information on citing resources. How do we do that if it’s for quotes, or if we’re providing info from different sites? On my tribute page I used the resources I linked to at the bottom of it, but reworded the majority of it. Also how do we know if a photo is legal to use?

If anyone can recommend any websites for anything asked above, I’ll be sure to check them out also. I want to learn how to design and code a page and later websites so that it’s nice but still user friendly.


Hey. Code is good and it’s responsive, you used Bootstrap classes\grid system quite well. Looks fine on mobile as well. I would’ve maybe done something different to the header positioning.

As a suggestion: you don’t need the html\head\body tags in Codepen. Insert your scripts in the pen settings (fonts included). Everything in the HTML panel is already in a <body> tag.

As for the photos\content, usually websites have a license for those, so check and see if there’s any. If not, you should be fine by just citing the source. I’m no expert in that field so maybe someone else could comment on that.

Nice work VenoraRhyse. Could you please check out my created page here Abulcasis Tribute Page And give feedback. Thanks.

Thanks noyb :slight_smile: How did you mean on the header positioning? To have it inline with the h1 or just a right or left alignment? I’m trying to learn about design too so any feedback always helps. Also thanks for letting me know that everything is already in the body tag on Codepen, I wasn’t completely sure. I’ll be sure to check into the license too and try to search more about it.

Thank you From-0-To-Pro :slight_smile: I checked out your Tribute Page, I liked it. Visually I thought it was good and it was good information too. I got a basic page at first, but then I reloaded it and it worked where it showed your page. Everything resized and was responsive for me too.

P.S. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I have to use the library for internet access and wasn’t able to get to the library sooner.

No problem. I was just thinking about a different arrangement; maybe having the image and the text align center as soon as they wrap on new lines; but it works fine as it is, as well.

Oh ok, I see how you mean. I tried it out but couldn’t quite get it when I would changed the browsers width, so I’ll read up more on css and keep experimenting with it till I get it centered completely when it wraps on new lines.

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Ok, I was able to get the quote and image centered when it goes to new lines when resizing the browser window. Thanks again for the suggestions!

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