Tribute Page Feedback (ellareina)

Hello everyone,

This is my first project. Feedback is highly appreciated!


Looks very basic and neat.

Typography is applied, very good.

One bad practice is using absolute units, and worse, the constant absolute sizes for resources like images.

Example you applied 400px for last image, so it is broken for mobile(small screen) devices.
The solution is using a max-width value using a relative unit, for example 90%.

Also please add some space between elements and text. Having zero margin between images and other elements is not good. See some text are almost joint to image edges.

This is also better to not set both width and height for images. example you set 400 x 400 pixel for last image which is not good! It breaks the image aspect.

This is a good practice to set height:auto for all images when you resize n image by width, or vice-versa.

Keep goin on good work, happy programming.

Thank you! Appreciate the feedback. Will make corrections.