Tribute Page Feedback - Father Pino Puglisi

Hi there! I am a new user, and this is my first coding project, so I tried to keep it very simple. I feel almost bad sharing it here with all the awesome stuff I am finding in this forum, but at least it is passing all the tests :sweat_smile: What should I change? How can I improve it? :grinning:

I am relatively new, But looks really well done to me.

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It’s not a huge issue as it’s something you’ll learn going forward, but I think part of the point of that exercise was to utilise ul and li for the career information rather than

as it takes some of what we’ve learned in the previous lessons and asks you to apply it to the test.

Maybe play around with using a list for the career info before you progress to the next challenge?

Thank you for your feedback! Wow, I was so focused on fulfilling those user stories and then on tweaking the CSS that I did not even think about the ul and li. I am going to add them now!

Thank you for the nice words! :smiley:

You are very Welcome

The page is good! The one thing I will say is that there is an awful lot of text and it’s quite fatiguing to look at. I’d add something like a <br> tag at the end of your <li> elements just to space them out and make it easier on the eyes!

Thank you for your advice! I added the
tags and you are right, it looks much more readable.

Looks good!

Point of advice - from my perspective anyway - fonts work kind of reverse to how you think they do. You have made fonts smaller on smaller devices using the @media query, but actually you probably want to make them a little larger on smaller displays in my opinion. Remember that if reading on a mobile, people are maybe on the train, or on a bus or walking - none of which are optimal reading conditions and they’ll be holding the device relatively far away from their faces. You can help them out by making the font a little bigger when the screen is small.

It makes optimising for mobile devices a little bit pointless if the user then has to zoom in on the text to read it :slight_smile: Try 25px for the font size when max-width is 750px and see what you think.

This actually makes a huge lot of sense and I have no idea how I never realized it! :exploding_head: Maybe because I am a very “old inside” person and I hate reading on my phone while I am on a moving transport, it makes me sick :sweat_smile:

At first it felt a bit “weird” to have the text so big on a small screen, but you are right, it is much easier on the eyes. Thank you for the useful advice!

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I liked it.

I didn’t use an I ordered list for mine either. I might go back and add some.

I didn’t see it in the story reqirements.