Tribute page feedback, First FCC project

Hey, I just completed my first FCC project, would love any feedback or improvements. I used the examples template and used it css too as reference.

very nice colour coordination,
I feel that the text could have been made more readable by using different fonts to break the text up a bit and make it stand out.

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Hi @thetrueseeker, nice layout.

Codepen supplies you with validators for HTML, CSS and JS. Click on the arrow in the upper right and then click on the respective ‘Analyze’ link.
In your HTML, three of the error can be corrected by adding an equal sign after alt
In CSS you’ve just used an incorrect word.
Side note, you don’t need to use paragraph tags within blockquote tags.

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I like the colors, and the subject. Very visually appealing. A small correction for accessibility: your image is missing an equal sign (=) after it’s “alt” attribute. And also, I know it’s no biggie, but the link for the wikipedia page is missing. Of course it’s not needed for the purposes of practicing. Nice work =)


lovely work, i particularly love the responsiveness of the page @thetrueseeker , i’m in tune with @afminick 's comments on the small correction for accessibility . I also find the background color quite interesting too, although i think a little bit of color contrast would give the text more visibility. Good job on your first project Sadeeq.

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Thank you very much, I have fixed the errors.

Thank yo so much, I don’t know how to work with colors, I had to keep experimenting to find the match, if you have any tips it’d be nice hear them

I added the wikipedia page, its better to get used to good practices now than having to painfully learn them later

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@thetrueseeker your page looks really well made. I cannot think of much you need to do to improve it.
How about setting text-align: justify on your paragraphs?

Easy buddy, no one really has the entire color spectrum relativity figured out in their head, though some folks have learnt to make really nice choices. However i’d simply advice thee to do what i do; “google contrasting colors” whenever you need to make a balanced choice.
That way its usually easier for me to know which colors complement each other on the spectrum and which ones clash. It also makes it easier for me to make a fine choice on which is most suitable to the general design of a page (texts, buttons etc)

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