Tribute Page Feedback - First Go!

I just completed all the challenges before this project and now am at a place where I am happy with the final product:

I feel like I relied too much on BootStrap to do the styling rather than working with Raw CSS and thus lack a bit of understanding as to how things are being place (refer to the footer in the pen) and the alignment of things. However, I tried to override a lot of this with css and jquery to force alignments that I like.
Is this good practice? To have multiple hierarchies of inheritance with styling properties, or what is a better way?

Altogether I am glad I did this project as I found many difficulties during the design process and look forward to the next project as it appears to incorporate even more elements.
However, is there a better way to mockup these projects than using BootStrap?


So I’m just passed point you are, and wondered the same thing about overuse of bootstrap. I was encouraged by other members that relying on bootstrap isn’t tying your hands with CSS. What it’s doing is saving you a ton of work. It’s a smart layout system that can help you make a website that looks good on mobile and desktops without having to create totally different sites for both.

And your Pen looks good! Keep going! Your Portfolio page will require bootstrap if you want it too look good on mobile. Or if not require, bootstrap will make your life a lot easier.