Tribute Page - Feedback Greatly Appreciated!

Hi all

I started the CodeCamp about a month ago and am thoroughly enjoying it. I’ve finally completed the first project and was hoping I could get some feedback on it. I realise I’ve used ‘Class’ selectors rather ‘ID’ and the layout of the code is slightly different to what the user story wanted, but I was hoping I could still get some feedback on what I should be doing different and other ways to improve.

Thanks all

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Hi all, dont suppose anyone could give me some feedback on this? anything I can do to improve code layout?

This is a pretty fantastic looking page! Good job on the header and footer images, very relevant and tasteful! Love your use of the IBM Plex Sans font, and good use of the <hr> tags to get the timeline separated from everything else.

The only stylistic change I’d suggest is maybe a little bit more space between timeline entries just to make it easier on the eyes for the reader.

Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it and I’ll see about adding some extra spacing, as far as code goes, is everything looking like its done correctly?

The tutorial wanted me to make use of IDs rather than classes but I seemed to run into some issues with them not always doing what I wanted them too. Is it seen as bad practice using classes rather than IDs?