Tribute page Feedback. How it could be better?


I used just CSS to build my Tribute Page. I forgot to use bootstrap.
In your opinion: When is better to use Bootstrap instead of CSS?

Tribute Page - Boyd K. Packer

Well Bootstrap is just someone else’s CSS(commonly called a library or a framework), as I’m sure you already know.

A lot of people who choose to use Bootstap use it for prototyping before they really get into the design, or they just use it for positioning elements, and go back in and style them with their own CSS. You can choose to use it however you want, but it has its limitations, especially when not accompanied with custom CSS.

As for my personal opinion, I like to use CSS flexboxes to form the page’s layout, and do my best to style things without the use of a library/framework. This gives me complete customization and I don’t feel like I’m relying on somebody else’s code.

Thank you, Jonlove! It was very enlightening!
The next exercise I’ll use both of them.

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