Tribute Page Feedback: JRR Tolkien

My first FCC project, A Tribute Page: JRR Tolkien.
Pros: I am very happy I was able to make a webpage, I am completely new to this. I felt like a got some basics down.
Cons: I got too caught up with the content of the bullet points and lost track of the project purpose. From other posts here, I need to get more familiar with using Bootstrap in place of CSS styling.
Looking forward to hearing from the community.
Thank You,

Good stab at a first project! Reading from a mobile device, I noticed the bullet points are condensing to 1 word wide columns…meaning the column gets realllly tall. I think you nailed the issue in your post in that a little additional bootstrap would be an easy way to make it more responsive. Similarly, the photo displays far to the right on my mobile screen. I’m guessing it is a function of setting the margin in absolute terms (x pixels) but as a noob I’m not very knowledgeable yet.

All in all though, I like your “pro” summary. You made a Web page that functions and has a visually attractive theme so I think that counts as a win. Good luck tweaking it from here!

Thank you for the feedback. I got the same result on my Android phone using Chrome, the page was terrible to look at. I am going to delve into some bootstrap and see what I can do to fix it.