Tribute Page Feedback - Les Brown

Hello FCC,

Brand new to coding, first project. I spent many hours here searching on almost every step of my tribute page… I hope I am not alone in saying that I forgot a lot of what we just learned through HTML, Bootstrap, and jQuery. Primarily the stylings as there was so much information.

The page is very simple. I am a bit ashamed as I have seen others’ pages which look a lot more advanced and have a lot more styling on margins, fonts, etc. in their code. Nevertheless, I have a couple of questions about my project and coding in general and would love feedback.

Tribute page:

First question I have regarding the project is that I’d like to have it so my p elements and unordered list are not spanning across the entire page. I am not sure how to change just the width of these individual elements and I don’t know how to size them how i’d like them (I’m assuming I’ll have to play with pixels of width)

Second, I’d just like to know in general what you guys think about my code. It’s not very complex as again I unfortunately do not remember a lot of the styling we did etc. I just tried to complete the user stories. I did not cheat by looking at the example code.

And finally, my end goal is that I’d like to do mobile app development for Android. I have a friend who is a Sr. Dev with Android and Apple and while he has helped me a bit with project questions he mentioned that he barely knows any JS and only some HTML/CSS because he doesn’t need it in his job.

Do you think FreeCodeCamp is the place for me or would I be better off just learning Java? I would like front-end development skills and especially JavaScript as I know it is very useful and the logic can help me. It’ll also make me more well-rounded as a developer in general which will allow we to apply for Front-end jobs as well.

Thanks in advance!

I learned java in University and I like the language. I’ve heard java head first is good? So what I’ve found with programming is that many problems solve themselves either by me getting better or solutions and frameworks like WordPress and all that makes it easier to do stuff.

What I think is you don’t really have to choose, you can do both. When one is hard or boring you can switch.

Always think of projects you want to make not focus on skill learning.

One time I’ve learned PHP and MySQL because I wanted to make a page sorted and searchable with film reviews me and my friends made.

I’ve not done Android. But when I first want NH resto do PHP I had to wait 10 years! Because I it was hard install the necessary stuff. Many things in programming is like that in programming. The programming itself is not so hard for many things but you can come across stumble blocks like that.

I would assume much Android programming is " easy " in that it is easy to outline and think through what you would like to make and the logic is easy. But there might be petty stupid things that in the Android API that is confusing and hard to make. Even you so perfectly know how you want to make the app.

A lot of programming is like this. So have the head up. And just know how to take a break and don’t beat yourself up if it’s not working at once,

I read your tribute it was very interesting. I guess this is a kind of motivational speak myself. I guess you can put your text in some div center it with margin:0 auto; width: 500px; in parent? I really don’t remember. Im often confused with centering in html and css. Maybe someone else know. I can see what I did in mine later. I just wanted to write , sorry this might be a little incoherent.

Edit: but when you have made your first app and figured out some stuff, you probably can just copy this code what you need to the next project. And I think that’s when you start rolling. Good luck!

Edit 2: forked it and at least shortened your list:

Thank you so much for your reply Sarmint.

It is coherent! I was able to understand what you mean. I added your changes and it looks great.

Les Brown and a few other motivational speakers changed my life. I studied them for over 2 years and continue to listen to their speeches and read their books.

This is one of the first speeches I listened to. If you’re interested please give it a listen!