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Hey everyone,

I am new to the forum and new to coding. I have been coding for about 2 months now. I only have prior experience working in Linux doing just a bit of scripting and messing with files. I can’t get enough of coding or free code camp! If you have the time please let me know what you think about my first project. Any tips or advice is all highly appreciated and will help me grow to do better in future projects. Had a bit of trouble with the white space surrounding the page, anyways thanks for the help!


Wow! A really cool design! However, some padding on the terminal would be appreciated.

Can do, thanks for the feedback I am pretty hyped you like it! :metal: I plan on tweaking it a bit more after work today.


Very nice design! I love the use of the terminal look, it’s absolutely spot on.

An increased line height would make the text more readable and it has issues in mobile view:

Your ‘terminal’ could take up a much larger % of the page when in mobile. You could set up individual media queries for different screen sizes, but I find a good starting point for this sort of page with one central column is maybe to set the width of the element as a screen % (maybe like 85/90%) which means it will take up most of the page in mobile, but then set a max-width in terms of pixels so once it hits we’ll say 600px, or whatever you want it to hit, on desktop it will stop growing.

I’m quickly finding that the best way is to design the mobile view first and you can also use the responsive design mode in chrome/Firefox to see what your page looks like on different devices :slightly_smiling_face:

Again, great job!!

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As a fellow beginner I it is just a great creative design idea.
just some minor comments I have for you:

  1. I would omit “id” attribute if I am going to use element selector on the CSS. (main, h1, img).

Wow thank so much, I will definitely look into fixing this. Hopefully that will help me clean it up a good bit. It took a good bit of trial and error to get that to work well for me. Got a lot to mull over here, I really appreciate the feed back. You guys have me so hyped! I was actually considering some how making the terminal able to scroll as well.

Thank so much I am glad you like it! I will definitely look into that. I was having trouble getting some of that to play nice. The feedback is great. I imagine reviewing some of the lessons and touching up what is suggested here will really help me workout some of the kinks in my understand a few key things!

I like the terminal! That’s a pretty inspired way to do this.

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Thank you very much! The bit of scripting I do at work is what got me started at coding so linux was a good option for me to get creative with this one. Working on the bugs with this one now.

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Should be good now, Touched it up. Thanks again for all the great advice, keep an eye out for more projects yet to come. I am about to go from lurker to local.

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Cool! This is a design you really can expect only from a Linux guy :-).
Just one thing that caught my eye: I think you don’t need ‘display: block’ in your gray-box class, because you use it on a div, which is a block level element by default.
Keep going!

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Thank, you! I’ll check that out too, definitely going over some of the modules again so I can better piece together how everything works together. Some of it I started out one way and changed half way through to get it to work and once it worked I was hesitant to take anything out.

Welcome to the forums @william.cole.boren. Some things to revisit;

  • Remove the <style> tags in the CSS section. Codepen doesn’t expect them and trust me when I tell you, having them there can potentially mess with how CSS renders in codepen.
  • You have a duplicate id selector in the CSS section, lines 23 and 105.
  • Run your HTML code through the W3C validator.
    • Since copy/paste from codepen you can ignore the first warning and first two errors.
    • There are coding errors you should address.
  • All your styling should be external. Don’t use in-line.
  • Review the lesson about giving meaningful text to links.
  • Your page needs to be responsive
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Durn lots of stuff here. Really appreciate the feedback, thank you!
I will look into these for sure, I just found out about W3C and will look into the validator as well thank you for catching the id selector and pointing out the lines!

Responsive as in follow some ideas like this ? I will review the lessons and apply the necessary changes, thank you for pointing me in the right direction on this as far as tutorial review goes. I just double checked the wiki link and its working on my end from code pin and when I check it in google chrome. Possibly need some spacing from the terminal so its more easily clicked?
Thanks again for the critical feedback, complete noob here so this is all great stuff.

Dang that validator is gold thanks again for that!

Sorry, I don’t know what this means. Which part(s) are you not understanding because I’m not sure which bullet points you mean.

By responsiveness I mean if you shrink the browser down (grab the right edge and pull it to the left) you’ll notice that there’s a horizontal scrollbar. Things fall out of your “terminal window”.

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I took a look at a few things and actually edited my response a bit. Sorry for the confusion, again that validator is legit thanks for that! I’ll clean it this afternoon, should be good to go shortly.

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I think everything should be good now, after I kicked the width% and traded for actual px, and re watched the media queries video in the tutorials it made sense. Before that I was spinning my wheels for a very long time. I put more media queries in there along the way for practice. I feel like a bit of a goof cause I was a little discouraged at first and probably should have asked for help understanding some stuff, but your feedback was honestly super useful and critical. That is great practice for once I finally get to hop in a job eventually.

You helped me to tie up simple but serious some loose ends that will make my code easier in the future. Looking forward to more feed back like this in the future. Please feel free to tell me “read it again goof” next time. I learned some really good stuff from this, sorry for spamming your inbox. :grin: