Tribute Page Feedback - Maurice "Rocket" Richard

Hey all,

I finished the “Build a Tribute Page” project earlier today. Constructive feedback is welcome. I used Flexbox and Media Queries to make the page responsive.

Tribute page here and the code here.

Survey form here and code here.


The site link leads to a survey form, the code link leads to a tribute page

I think you linked the wrong page, site link sends you to a survey form page instead of the tribute page.

@Roma @emirleovelazquez Indeed… I had the Tribute Page on Github pages for a few days. Meanwhile, I started building the Survey Page. I pushed it to Github pages as soon as I was done.

I’m now building my portfolio page so that I can link all the past project that I want to showcase instead of always pushing the latest completed project to Github pages.

You can make different dirs within your GitHub pages, one for each project.
If you’re going to submit your projects for the RWD certificate they should all be able to be accessed.

Had no idea you could do that. Thanks for the heads-up, much appreciated. Edited original post accordingly.

Have a great day friend.

Your pages look good. Some things to revisit;
tribute page

  • Run your HTML code through the W3C validator.
    • There’s an error with how you’ve coded figcaption
  • Don’t use the <br> element to force breaks. If you want four paragraphs then use four opening <p> elements and four closing <p> elements.

survey form

  • Your form forces me to click the ‘Friends’ checkbox to continue even though I don’t want to because I didn’t visit with friends. Be careful how you use required in radio button and checkboxes.

Thanks for taking the time!

Quick question with the portfolio test requirement: “The navbar should always be at the top of the viewport.” I have a div that includes an announcement bar and the navbar. The div that has the announcement and the navbar is the one that has the position of fixed and top: 0. I can’t pass the test as a result. Not sure how to handle this one. Looks like the obvious solution is to get rid of the div and the announcement bar and just have the navbar with position: fixed and top: 0. Thoughts?

Page here and code here.

I’d say do what you have to to pass the tests.
You can always make another Portfolio page that you use to showcase your work.
I’m not the best at design but looking at what you have so far my thinking is maybe move the div with the announcement below the navbar. That may be more eye catching.

I made the change and passed the test.