Tribute Page feedback much appreciated - Thank You

Hello everyone,

So this is the first time I have ever written any code and would appreciate any feedback you all might have.

Thanks so much!

Sean Price Tribute Page

Nice job. You’ve met the user stories and made a nice, responsive page.

You don’t have to put all your CSS in the HTML panel like you have. It’s a little cleaner to work with on Codepen if you use the CSS and JS panels as well. This is good practice to get into for when you have separate css and js files in your future projects.

You also have a redundant </div> after your </body> tag. It’s not doing any harm, but it’s not doing any good either :slight_smile:

Good work my brother… Nice Headline ;). Here is mine if you want to give it a look as well.

Hi guys,

I’m also doing a tribute page and I want to ask you as I struggle with that. Checking your code I don’t really understand how did you position the Youtube video to be where it is. Can you tell me a good way to move an element to where we want it to be? Or how you did it?

Edit: Ah, it’s the “col-sm-6” isn’t?

Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it. I certainly struggle with keeping track of that sometimes. I will remove it.

Thanks again!

Yes that is correct. With my limited understanding i made a row div then put the video in the second column.

If I knew more I would input more, but looks good to me man.