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So I manage in 2 hours to finish this with little google and search, so that the knowledge can refresh. Even though I manage to pass the test cases, I still want to improve a little bit. Any feedback is appreciated.

I still have two questions: in the section tag with id “tribute-info”, how can I make the background only cover the ul list without extending to the right and left sides?
And how do you suggest I can improve when I minimize the browser? Thanks!

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Just set a background color on the ul.

ul { background-color: somecolor; }
or set in on the li and give each li a separate background color.

If this is your first page and you did it in two hours, well done. I would work on the line-height though, when the width of your page decreases, the lines crash into each other. In the next projects you’ll be using media queries and this will help you to make this page more responsive.


Thanks so much Karin. I keep forcing myself to modify the parent section tag instead of just giving the ul the css. I will continue the next projects and come back to decorate this one again.