Tribute Page Feedback & ol padding question


I’ve just finished my first challenge and would love some feedback (all comments welcome!).

I also have a specific question: the page does well with responsiveness except in the ordered list, which I think has too much padding on smaller screens/mobile. Is there a way to reduce padding on lists when viewed in a small screen? Would I have to make a separate class which only comes into effect on small screens (and if so, if this coming up in the tutorials later? :blush:

Here is the link:

Thanks in advance for suggestions/comments!

Nice and neat.
I would use the percentages to define the margens of the wells instead of fixed pixals.

.well-facts {
	margin-left: 5% ;
	margin-right: 5% ;

also I suggest to clear the padding of li elemnt and its parents.
mmmmm this what I could think of at the moment till we get more about the Media Query thing to better control.

Thanks @bn44 for your reply! That makes sense about the margin percentages & padding. I also took the margin off the sides around the li element, that seems to have helped too. Thanks!