Tribute Page Feedback. Please comment

Hey guys!! :wave:

I’ve just completed the very first Project from the Responsive Web Design Certification and I am thrilled to (read) what you guys have to say about it!!!
Please feel free to leave your comments on it and/or suggestions.

I chose Lana del Rey as the theme for this tribute page because I LOVE the artwork of her albums, and I also love her music of course.

The inspiration for the colors came from a 1960’s color palette I found on Pinterest (always so helpfull) and as you can see I wanted to give the page this 60’s inspired typography and design in general.

Here’s the link to my tribute page:

Thanks in advance!!! :blush: :blush:

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Thanks so much!!!
I’ve had trouble making that image stay in place. Looks fine on my PC but on centain mobiles it doesn´t stick to the center.
I will keep working on it.

Good job!

Just a couple of observations:

  1. The link to wikipedia turns white when hovering over it. Is this color intentional? Because it looks like the link disappears when I try to click it.

  2. Would you consider giving the page a little whitespace at the sides? Most websites today leave the sides free, and seeing a page that takes up the whole screen is a little jarring.

These are just nitpicks, overall, it looks great.

Thanks about the wikipedia link! I´ve already corrected it.
And I hadn’t thought about the white space, could work well.

Your page looks good @rifo. Some things to revisit;

  • Kudo’s on knowing how to use codepen. Using the ‘Stuff for <head>’ box, etc.
    • You don’t need to include the body tags either.
    • This, <lang="en"> is not valid. lang would be an attribute of the html tag, so it should be <html lang="en">
  • Review the lesson about giving meaningful text to links.
  • Make your page responsive
    • There is always a horizontal scrollbar when I view it from desktop size down to mobile.

Thank you very much for your observations.
I have corrected the tag and the wikipedia link. I think it is accesible now.
I don’t quite get what you said about the horizontal scrollbar, it would be helpful if you’d attach a screen capture of that.
I am a windows and android user, I haven’t tested the page on an Apple device or Mac.

This is what I see on both Mac and Windoze. Notice the horizontal scrollbar on the bottom.

I see, I get it.
I will work towards fixing that, thanks a lot @Roma