Tribute Page Feedback Please (first project)

Hello everyone,

I did my first project after working too many hours. Feedback is highly appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi there, I am using an ipad and with it your page does not fit into my screen (words are to the right side and i have to scroll to see the whole thing). One of the pictures also is not showing up nicely (it is on top of some words). You want to consider testing your page with smaller screens or reducing your browser down in size so you can imagine any possible layout issues (but testing on a mobile screen is best).

hey there, first of all congratulations you have completed your first project and you have did good work but some points i want to point out

  1. Your page is not responsive try to make your page responsive try to learn bootstrap ,with bootstrap you can make your page responsive in all screen sizes.

  2. The text you have entered in your page is not even from both sides so try to fix this problem you can justify your text by text align: justify; property and value by this your page’s paragraph will become even from both sides…

All the Best…

@hbar1st Thank you very much! yes i should work on responsive .

@naveen_coder Thank you very much! I have not done bootstrap lessons so far, because I’m on the javascript lessons, but I will. Also thank you to remind me text align justify.

you don’t need bootstrap to fix the page. I only used css and html for my projects so far.

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hmm, maybe I missed some points but I didn’t realize, I think I need more experience to understand where I do wrong.

You really don’t need bootstrap for this. In fact, it may slow your learning. To make your pages look into media queries and relative units instead of units like px . Flex layouts are also easy to learn and helpful. CSS properties like max-width help too.