Tribute Page – feedback please :)

Tribute Page – feedback please :)
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Hello everyone,

I’ve just created a tribute page for my all-time fav TV show, Twin Peaks. Played around with Bootstrap and had a mostly really fun 1.5 days :slight_smile:

Would love to get feedback about it especially if there’s room for improvement (which I bet there are tons!).


Great job. Turned out well.
I have one suggestion, lose the white background for the Twin Peaks h1.
To me it just covers the image too much.


Thanks for your suggestion. I wasn’t so sure about that myself, but I did it to make the h1 stand out a from the background :slight_smile: Removed it now.


Removing that white background just makes it all seem cleaner.
Happy coding :slightly_smiling_face:


A nice clean design. I like it a lot!


My suggestion is that the “Twin Peaks” header needs to stand out more against
the background. Perhaps bolding it or using a slightly darker shade of green would help
it not get so lost.

Otherwise, as FromMarsMedia said, it’s a nice clean design. I like the buttons
as links too.


Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile: I’ve made the header bolder and added an outline so it stands out more.