Tribute page- Feedback Please :)

Criticism is much appreciated, did it real simple, like really simple. Thanks for any comments!:smile:


Hey, one of my favorite inventors got some love! :smiley:
You did good though, it worked as intended. However, there are a couple of improvements that might spice things up a bit, for example: try to use color schemes, or perhaps use a background image, you may also list his inventions along with their pictures. But all in all, it completed the task, and thatโ€™s what is important, you could redesign or edit your pen later on.

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Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest minds ever lived! Very nice, I would suggest styling the page, but the effort is what counts. :blush::+1: Nice work.

Thanks for the response! Iโ€™ll definitely redo the styling, want to try turning it into slides-like pages, still figuring it out though :hugs:

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