Tribute Page - Feedback(Porfirio Rubirosa)

Hi everyone, this is my first jab at a tribute page and to be honest i was pretty lost on what to write about or how to go about it with using as little code from the original sample as possible.

Either way here it is. Please be as thorough as possible and let me know what you think. #thanksinadvance

Tribute page

Im impressed currently working on the tribute project myself good job

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thatnks, tbh i felt like it was a bit too much info…but i guess it needed content

It’s looking good @silfredoespinosa, however, you need to work on responsiveness a little more. The images do no resize to fit on smaller screens.

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Responsiveness issues aside I think your project looks great. It’s very clean and visually pleasing. I think the hover effects on the pictures take too long but that’s just my opinion.


Agreed @CitrineDragon, half a second is a long time

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true!! did not really notice…working on an wide curbed scree. tbh it doesnt help much as everything is stretching out.

Thanks! you’re right it definitely is slow. looks a lot faster on the editor view

Great page… Keep it up

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