Tribute Page Feedback Request 7-7-2018

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My website is Please let me know what you think?

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It could use some work on the responsiveness. Try formatting text with em or vw. Same with your images, format them with either vw, min/max width, or use some media queries.

It’s important to remember that id’s can only be used for one object. If you want to apply the same CSS to multiple objects you’re going to want to use a class not id. Classes can be used on multiple objects without an issue.

Add a class to your tribute info instead of using the same id more than once. Your right and left margins are much too large when shrinking the window. You should try to use vw on the right and left margins for those.

Use margin and padding to make your page look cleaner. For example the portrait image is being overlapped on the top by the title.

Those images of dynamite and peace prize and their styling is :fire:

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