Tribute Page (Feedback request!)

I feel like it turned out OK but I’d like some advice on if I’m using the different parts of code properly. Also, the main image is doing something wonky, when I resize the browser, it just gets squished instead of scaling appropriately. The freecodecamp test interpreted this as a “pass” but I know it’s not correct – why is it doing this?

Also would like just some general feedback on what I could do better.

EDIT: I messed up by not forking the project and making it from a new pen instead…updated the link to reflect, now it correctly shows I only pass 9/10 tests.

You put height and width attributes in the <img> which override the other css because that’s what inline styles do. Remove them and use either a height OR width in the css and then it will scale.

That did exactly the trick! Such a simple solution, thank you.

Wow! nice job on the structure and style of your page!

I would suggest you thin out the borders of your elements and make them blend into the background a bit more.
Your images are a bit big. Make them smaller.