Tribute Page Feedback Requested

any and all feedback would be appreciated


I really liked the quote banners on the site with the gradient. I think it was super cool that you made the gradient with css. The documentation in the the code is very helpful and clear as well. Was there a reason why you did have any photos? I think the project looks good but it would be over the top with photos.


Delete the red parts and center the green parts. I am a very beginner in web design but from what I know, if you do that, the design will be more consistent so it will look better.

Keep up the good coding,

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that’s embarrassing. Frederick Douglass was the most photographed American during his life and I managed to not be able to upload any pictures of him.

should be corrected now

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the missing images made a mess of things. i’ve made changes so hopefully it looks better.

even still thanks for the feedback. let me know what you think with the photos added back in


I check out the tribute page with the photos and it looks good.

Ohh they were images lel.

Hey. I think you should center the images vertically and horizontally now :slight_smile:.

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OK. I’ve centered the main content along with the main image and simplified the design.

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