Tribute Page Feedback (Richard Wright -

Hi All,

Looking for some feedback on my tribute page. (Ignore the CodeCamp Test Thing)



It is difficult to visit the site because you have not linked to it within the message. You can do so via the editor, or by using Markdown to link to it.

In markdown to share a link you add it to the editor like this:

[Link text goes here](

That will actually show as: Link text goes here


I’m not allowed to post links yet (as its my first forum post)

“For security reasons, you can’t include links in your posts yet. Use the freeCodeCamp forum a bit more to unlock this ability.”

Ah - I see!

Well the project looks great! Nice work!

I like that you’ve included the media player and one of Pink Floyd’s songs - is it one which Richard Wright sang on? Perhaps you could include a label for it with the song title - but then that is outside the scope of the project… :man_technologist:

Thanks for the feedback.

It isn’t one he sang in but the one that was sang at his funeral, I did want one that he sang in but finding the mp3 online is a bit of a nightmare (Obviously for copyrighted music).
A label might be a good idea! Thank you.

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