Tribute Page Feedback: Satoru Iwata

Looking for feedback for a tribute page. Any feedback would be nice.

Satoru Iwata Tribute Page

Good job! I would

try changing backgorund color of p with id of img-caption.
Remove bullet points from timeline.
Try making it responsive.

Wow, I didn’t think it would be this long that I replied.

I’ll try to keep your feed back in mind and update the tribute page appropriately.

And do you mind going a little bit in depth for what you meant by responsive? Are you taking about the design itself or something else?

I think your responsiveness is nice, but I didn’t manually check it on my phone, just resized the page to be smaller. I agree with taking away the bullet points. I think you use: ul {list-style: none}
Or maybe you put it on the list item / li? Either way, one of those should work.

Things I noticed:

  • Why doesn't your right margin also have the tan color to border the red? Its as if the page got cut abruptly.
  • The red is really red. Maybe find out what red Nintendo's red is and change it to that? Or find a simple Nintendo background image and place it in.
  • I think the white title lettering is nice, but because it's a thin font and the background is so brightly red, I think some text-shadow would help it stand out more.
  • You've got a lot of empty space at the bottom of your timeline. Try to fill it up with larger text or cut it down, or both.
  • Stretch your footer all the way to the other side of the screen?

    Hope those are some helpful suggestions!

  • Okay, so I did the following in response to what you recommended as well as previously stated to me:

    *Improved the font size for Image Caption, included a white back-ground, and a border around the img-caption.
    *Fixed the import statement for the fonts being used for the tribute page; thus fixing the font appearance.
    *Changed the H1’s letter spacing, added a text shadow for the font.
    *Block quote, made the font weight increased and included a black border.
    *Footer, increase the length where it covers most of row2’s content.
    *Media Inquery, added a margin right of 0.50 to the code to make it stand out when resized to smaller screen sizes.
    *changed the red color to something more darker.
    *got rid of the bullet points.
    *fixed the spacing issue between the main content and footer.
    *changed the font weight of H2.

    Let me know what you think of it now.

    The darker red make things easier to read, along with the bigger, bolder font. I like the styling of the block quote, it adds an original touch. The responsiveness is great too. Its definitely a great improvement!