Tribute Page Feedback - SethJFreeman

I have just finished tribute page challenge. Please, do not hesitate to criticize.

Really good job. I love that timeline feature. The only issue I see is that the hero image does not scale properly on mobile. It is twice the width of the rest of the content. However that is a small issue on an otherwise great tribute page. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, it was made with bootstrap 4.0 beta, and a jquery slider plugin. My mind set is don’t reinvent the wheel. I am not afraid of using plugins and materials provided by other people. I did notice the image was not scaling properly and it’s a super easy fix, but didn’t care to fix it. I could fix it with bootstrap responsive images, or css media queries if I wanted to put more effort into it. What took the longest was copy and pasting the content for the timeline. It only took about 30m - 1hr.