Tribute Page Feedback - The Art of Successfully Failing

After 2 years of not going on freeCodeCamp, I’ve decided to tackle all of the FCC projects head-on. I would love to get your feedback of my first project.

Any type of feedback would be really helpful. Looking specifically for syntax and design insights.




The website layout looks nice, simple. But I love that instead of going through his successes you point out his failures. Nice twist!

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It is nice but I would change a couple things.

Try adding a box-shadow: 2px 2px 5px black to your main container:

Since you made 3 layers (1 gray, 2 white - the same) make the background of your body a different color and or background image.

Make sure you make it have a height and width of 100% of the page and use background-attachment: fixed; to give it a cool effect.

Also, add a border-radius: 20px; to your main container (or 10px)


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A lot of people overlook the failures that allow for the success we have in life. It’s a definitely a change of perspective!

Great design feedback! I’ll work on this later tonight. I’m sure it will make the main content pop a lot more.


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I added it to my review, but also add a border-radius: 20px; to your main container (or 10px).