Tribute Page - Feedback Welcome - In Fact, Tear It Apart

Hi All,

I completed my first project for FreeCodeCamp and I’d welcome feedback. Here is my site:

Codepen lives here

I read on another thread that br element is deprecated, which I saw on MDN later. So I plan to change that. It appears that p elements or margins are recommended instead. If I were to use p element, just an empty one to make additional vertical space I guess? Interesting.

When I was creating the page I had some trouble getting the photos that were lined up 2 in a row to be the right size vertically. I tried various things such as fussing with max height, max width, hard coded image sizes, and hiding overflow. The issue was, I think, tied to the fact that the images were not the same size when I was starting out. I didn’t want to sacrifice responsiveness or scaling, so in the end I cropped the photos and hosting in a location apart from their original source. There must be a better way… but after much Googling and a question to the Help part of Gittr I just couldn’t find it.

Also, although I used Bootstrap for the site I didn’t enclose everything in “rows” and “columns”. I just used those for the parts of the site I thought might need it. If you’re coding a Bootstrap site do you put everything in rows and columns? Or just sections of the site? I guess I erred on the side of not because when I was looking at my code it looked like an awful lot of div-row’s and div-columns for things that seemed simple, like an h1 in one line or a full-width img. What is the recommended path?

Thanks for any feedback or guidance you might have.

Hello Bjorn!

Love the content, Ansel Adams is one of my favorite photographers!

Looking at your tribute page, it is pretty hard to read the text due to the dark grey background. The borders around the pictures under your activist section are a little different from the rest of your pictures.

I do like that you used the text-justify story class for your paragraphs. Being new myself, I had no idea that existed!

Could you possibly take a look at my tribute page that I just created? Pope Francis

Keep up the great work! I look forward to collaborating with you more in the future!

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Hi Casey,

Good points! Thanks very much for your constructive critique. I will make some changes to the colors I think, maybe play with fonts. Your point on that is right on point I think. I was just reading this article today that I found on that goes over some similar ground, check it out if you’re so inclined.

I checked out your page - nice work! I like it. It looks really clean, very readable. Nice choice of emphasis and colors. I like the photo also.

The only thing I’d mention is maybe try to move the list heading and list more toward the center? I say that and I must admit that my first draft of the Ansel Adams site had a list like that and I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Text-center just seemed to screw up the list. I think the answer might be here but I’ve not had a chance to test it out.

Thanks again for your feedback! Look forward to more collaboration as well.