Tribute page, feedback welcome :)

Hi everyone,
I’m a newbie and I’ve just finished my Tribute page to Irena Sendler:
I’d love to get some feedback. ;).
Thank you and have a great week!

Great work. The only thing I would change on first glance is the Wikipedia link.
Best would be making Read more about Irena Sendler on Wikipedia. the whole text for the link for accessibility purposes.

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Hi Johnny, thanks :slight_smile:
I’ll check this out!

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Hello, Good work!
The images work, the video work and also the links. However the grey hover makes reading the text a bit confusing, I think ithe tribute page would work perfectly without it.

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thank you xiomara!! it’s good to know your opinion!! I’ll test other options for the hover :wink:

Loved the topic, very interesting to read about having not heard about Irena Sendler before. Overall the style looks very good, the only thing I noticed that could be improved is the hover effect on bulletpoints. As it is now, it pushes some text off the edge of the screen when viewed in fullscreen on my 1920x1080 monitor, causing a scrollbar on the bottom to appear.

This could probably be fixed by either adding more margin or not changing size on hover; IMO I like the background color change on hover but find the size change to make it a little harder to read.

Keep up the great work.

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Thank you Lucas!! Good point:wink:. I’ll try to fix that.:blush: