Tribute Page (feedback welcome)

Tribute page:

  • I added few comments to the CSS in case anyone cares to check about decisions behind the code.
  • Small amount of tweaks for (hopefully) improved mobile experience.
  • Simple color layout was chosen due to nature of the subject (old school hockey).

I used few inline styles, mostly on images to set float and height. Personally I did not see reason to add such small classes due to low amount of images.

I could have added more rules for media queries, but honestly for this project I think current setup should give decent enough layout.

Unfortunately I’m currently working with small monitors, so some elements might be bit too small or/and cramped into corners depending on your setup.

Any feedback and opinions are very welcome!

Thanks for your time!

Looks good! One small thing (some people don’t do this but do whatever you want) tab out your stuff more.
Even if it looks kinda dumb most programmers tab things out to see what fits in what at a glance.
Although if you have small monitors (like you said) this may be impractical. The comments are a great idea
and helps people read your stuff so keep doing that. All in all good job keep it up!