Tribute page####feedback welcome!

A tribute for coffee, our morning’s best friend

Its my first real bash at Bootstrap, don’t think it looks too good responsively. I also wanted to use jQuery to get the divs`on the Timeline to pop out as you hover over them, they use the class

<div class="timeline-panel">

Any thoughts?

Any other feedback welcome! Thanks for looking

It doesn’t seem as if the timeline thing you mention is working?
Otherwise it looks great on my browser and it’s a very informative tribute page to my favourite part of the morning ^-^. I found it difficult to decide what/who to make a tribute page for and I think this is a very smart idea!

Hi Katgil!

Thanks for the kind words, the timeline is towards the middle of the page, but it is not the most clear so it could be confused for a list! Will keep revisiting this, and make make improvements as I do! Enjoy your coffee today!!

Hi 20locusts, the webpage definitely looks great and resizes perfectly in my browser. Nice job and good choice of tribute! :smiley: