Tribute page - feedback welcome

Hi guys, i just finished this excercise, and want to know how to improve things.

  • Is html structure correct?
  • Also i had little problems with moving elements, would it be better to create grid system and wrap things with more divs?
  • What can i do better? :slight_smile:

To answer your questions,
a) the HTML structure is good. It’s written in the order that elements appear on the page, which is good for people who use screen readers.
b) I don’t really know what sorts of problems you had with moving things about, so I’m not sure, but a grid system could make positioning easier. I recommend purecss’s grid to begin with, but you may want to create your own eventually


  • It’s a bit strange visually to have a serif font for headings and then a sans-serif font elsewhere on the page. One way you can improve on this without changing the fonts could be to shorten and enlarge your headings so they have proper emphasis. (So for example instead of “And there are some facts about him” you could write “Facts about Dean” or simply “Facts”.)
  • It might be cool if the blue you’ve selected as an accent color for the page’s content matched the blue in the background pattern. There are several tools to identify the hex code for a color on a webpage if you want to do that
  • I’m not sure if the stepladder effect was intended for your pictures at the end (right above sources) but it doesn’t look good. It would look better if they were all the same size.
  • The custom bullet point is a nice touch, but it isn’t perfectly aligned with the text