Tribute Page Feedback - What do you think?

My first project!

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Just a few things right off the bat:

  • The text underneath the images is very very narrow, only one word on each line. I have to expand the width on my browser very wide until it looks normal.
  • Is there any way to view all of the pictures at the top of the page using the keyboard? I was not able to figure it out if there is.
  • As I narrow my browser I get a horizontal scroll bar too early and the right side of the page has a purple background and all of the content is in that background. I also can’t see all of the images at the top of the page.
  • Don’t skip header levels. You went from h1 directly to h3.
  • The light gray text on white background does not have enough color contrast and is thus not accessible. It needs to be darker. You can check for accessibility at
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O my god this looks incredible

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Hi. I like the header. As already pointed out, the text column is too narrow, you could use much better text formatting!

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Hi. Nice!
I noticed some problems with your top texts, heading. The first and last name overlap on my pc (the boxes overlap, not text, but does shade out bottom portion of first name) and the font is very thin above and below the name. Its hard on the eyes. I hope this makes sense. Thanks