Tribute Page Feedback :)

Hello! I’m in need of some feedback on my Tribute Page. I’m not sure if the code is written correctly or if I used bootstrap appropriately, so any and all constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated. (I took a different approach and wrote it as a tribute to an event, not a person)

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We’d be more than happy to provide feedback, would you mind posting a link to your page so we can review it?

Whoops! I’ve edited the post to include the link. Thanks :smile:

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No worries :slight_smile:

Project Review:

  1. On codepen for HTML you only need to put the code that’s between the <body> tags, the rest is handled by codepen (you need to include assets like jquery, bootstrap, etc thru settings).
  2. Why are you using the javascript document.getElementsByTagName("h1")[0].style.fontSize = "50px";? Wouldn’t CSS be be more efficient in your case? You already have a lot of CSS in the CSS block including one for h1, what’s the purpose of using Javascript for it?
  3. As for using an event instead of a person, I can’t imagine it being an issue, you’ve clearly demonstrated an understanding of basic HTML/CSS. The project review team likely focuses on functionality and the user stories rather than content - it also doesn’t state a ‘person’ in the user stories / objective - you should be OK to use an event.
  4. I noticed in your CSS some attributes were unnecessarily defined twice, why apply a background color to body and also html? Why not just body?
  5. On multiple lines you used to “align” attribute and you shouldn’t use that - it’s obsolete - a bad habit to get into now - use CSS to align things instead.
  6. Line 47 has a stray <div> tag which isn’t needed.

Hope this feedback helps and good luck on your future projects and challenges here at freeCodeCamp :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the feedback, very quick and helpful! Sorry I’m just now responding to it. I didn’t know that about CodePen! Also, not sure why I left the JavaScript in there, oops.