Tribute Page feedback! (:

It’s nothing special, just want to see where I could have done better.
Thanks in advance!

btw, the test doesn’t check for accessibility, felt it’s weird it doesn’t after I’ve done a whole chapter about Applied Accessibility, but I still tried to keep it accesibile.
did I miss something with the accessibility part?

big up to @CitrineDragon for linking to my project :heart:



Their project can be found HERE

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Good job on your first project, it looks pretty good. Media queries become more important when pages are more complex and there are more elements on the page.

For example with my tribute page, you can see how I setup my media queries to change my grid layout for smaller devices. I’m still a beginner like you but I hope this helps in some way.

I see your point but I found media queries to be the easiest way for me to make the page look best in every screen.

Really loved your tribute page! and I see your a hip hop head too, so rock on! (:

Both tributes by @jugges and @CitrineDragon are nice. I haven’t seen the code for both, but on @jugges the viewport when resizing fits perfectly. As well as that for @CitrineDragon.

The use of grids for elements sure makes a big difference.

This newbie coder hasn’t looked back since using grid instead of Bootstrap

Bebop from NYC all da wayz…peace!

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