Tribute page-feedback

Hello, i tried to copy the fcc project as best as i could (didnt spend much time to change the colors of the block though).My main issue is the resposiveness. In mobile view the list is messed up . Any advices?

Thank so much for you time.

Hello, it looks good to me.

/the list is very narrow in mobile view as you have your margins set to 30%. That’s quite a lot of blank space generated on a small screen.

Instead, you could try setting a max width of your body to e.g. 900px to achieve the same look for desktop which would then not require the 30% margin. You would then need to centre everything too. This would then look better on mobile as you wouldn’t have a margin.

Later in the course you will learn about media queries that allow for different CSS rules under certain conditions, such as screen size.


Thank you very much for your advice i will try it when i get home!