Tribute Page Feedback

Hi everyone,

Just finished my tribute page project. Please leave any suggestions for further improvement for me. Thank you!!!

Live page: Link
Source code: Link


It is looking good! :grinning: Here are some ways I believe it can be improved:

  • The header is taking too much space on the screen. Consider including the navbar next to the H1 title;
  • Getting rid of the space between the header and the image;
  • Use CSS to make the image always 100% visible on bigger screens;
  • Use on the text under the image the same font-family used on the paragraphs;
  • I dont think poppins font match the purpose of a tribute page. You can take a look at Google Fonts for a better fitting choice;
  • I dont think the chosen colors match a tribute page also. You can look for some color pallet generator;
  • Consider adding a footer using the same color used on the header.

Thank you for the great suggestions! I’ll work on refining the page based on these tips!