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Hey guys, just gt done with my tribute page. Got stuck a bit at the end but i got help.Thank you. Please rate my work and advice for future purposes and learning.
Heres thelink:

Hi again!

I think it looks good. Congrats on your first project.

A couple of things.

  <h1 id="title"> STEPHEN HAWKING </h1>
   <h3> The man whose body could not house his mind </h3>

(optional) I would personally replace the div tags with header tags. Right now the div tags are just kind of there and they don’t really have any semantic meaning like header tags.

There is nothing wrong with div tags but usually you are using it when you want to group some elements, create a class and apply some styles to that group. But right now they are just kind of hanging out there.

You can read more about semantic tags here

Also, you could use the shorthand property here .

  margin-left: auto;
  margin-right: auto;

/*could rewrite it like this*/
margin:0 auto; /*top-right-bottom-left*/

Keep up the good work!

Happy coding!

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Thank you very much for your help. I’ll note this duly and try not to make this same errors in my next enthusiastic about this and I’m grateful for your help.

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