Tribute Page - few issues, help much appreciated!

I would appreciate if someone could critique my code - this is my first project and I don’t have much confidence in how I organized it. Is there a better way to do it / is there to many id’s?

i was finally able to get it where the elements no longer move around. The only object that I have struggled with and cannot figure out is how to center my picture and bullets and if a page shrinks for the bullets to not be pushed off to the margin on the right… should I use rows/table to code this?
I appreciate any help!


it looks great! congrats. about the code:
1 - use classes instead of ids and tags selectors:

<div class="someclass"> your code </div>

.class {
  //your code

2 - It’s a good practice the place your css in alphabetical order - inside of the selectors.

3 - indent your code well, it makes it easier to read